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Metrel EVSE A 1532
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Metrel EVSE A 1532
The A 1532 is an extender for interfacing Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). It tests the socket of installation for verification of electrical safety and functionality. Suitable for testing Mode 3 EV supply equipment with type 2 connector. A1532 ESVE adapter is a special accessory for using with METREL installation testers.

The EVSE adapter allows you to test any manufacturers charge point completely.

– Connects directly to charge points without opening the box.
– Connects like an electric vehicle connection; so tests the whole system.
– Simulates the electric vehicle status: all at the turn of a switch.
– Simple connection to the charge point via a type 2 EV plug, and to the tester using the BS1363 socket or all three phases can be accessed using standard 4 mm connections.
– The A 1532 can be used with any installation tester, however, optimum performance is achieved with Metrel Multifunction Testers.


The Metrel EVSE A 1532 adapter allows you to test any manufacturers charge point completely.

  • Banana socket outputs for connection to 3-phase installation tester
  • Voltage indicators on EVSE output
  • Proximity Pilot resistance selector for simulation of EV cable presence and current rating detection
  • Control Pilot resistance selector for simulation of electric vehicle status
  • Socket output for connection to a 1-phase installation tester (Phase 1, Neutral, PE)
  • Type 2 Male Plug connector for connection to EVSE
  • 6 mA EV RCD support
  • Functional tests support*
  • EVSE AUTO SEQUENCE® support*
  • MESM report creation**
  • Basic support: A 1532
  • Partial support: 6 mA EV RCD
  • EVSE report**
* Functional tests and AUTO SEQUENCE® are supported only on the MI 3152 EurotestXC and MI 3152 H EurotestXC 2.5 kV testers.
** Report printing is only available via the MESM PC SW. The MESM license (P 1101) is to be purchased separately.


  • On-site testing of EVSE charging station installation.
  • Initial and periodic testing of private, semi-private and public EVSE charging stations.


  • Instrument
  • Soft Carrying Bag
  • Instruction Manual

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