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EV charging cable Type 2 Coil 32A 3 Phase
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Spiral EV charging cable Type 2, 32A. Used to charge Type 2 EV from a public charging station.

Outstanding not flammable Spiral EVSE charging cable with a Type 2  plug at the charging station and a Type 2 plug on the car side. The Type 2 plug is filled with a heat spreading synthetic resin and has ergonomically shaped handgrips. Also, both plugs are fitted with a rubber cap for protection against dirt and moisture even in the hardest working conditions.


  • Type of cable TPE
  • Class V-O, the non-flammable highest class
  • Plugs In accordance with IEC 62196-1
  • Max. capacity 7.2kW. Charging cable up to 32A / 250V
  • Number of phases 1
  • Safety class IP 44
  • Minimum 10 000 matting cycles

Weight 4 kg
Brutto Weight

5.5 kg

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